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Mansoureh Sharifzadeh, What the US should know about President-Elect Hassan Rouhani, June 17, 2013 [Post 1708]

Mansoureh Sharifzadeh, What The US should Know about President Hassan Rouhani, June 17, 2013 [Post 1708]
I would like to write about president Hassan Rouhani from my own perspective.
Hassan Rouhani is an Iranian politician, Cleric, lawyer, academic and diplomat. As Wikipedia reads, he is said to be a polyglot, fluent in English, German, French, Russian and Arabic, along with his native Persian. He was elected as president of Iran on 15 June, 2013. On May 2013, Rouhani registered for the presidential election that was held on 14 June 2013. He said that, if elected, he will prepare a “civil rights charter”, restore the economy and improve rocky relations with the West. He was elected as a moderate who is supported by reformists.
He was elected as the president of Iran from a list of eight candidates that were later reduced to 6, without Gholam-Ali Hadad- Adel and Mohammad Reza Aref, the remaining ones were, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Saeed Jalili, Mohsen Rezayee, Hassan Rouhani, and Ali Akbar Velayati.
Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1978, President Rouhani has been holding several key positions in different sectors and is quite familiar with the weaknesses and strengths of Iran facing the world in different areas. He is a very faithful follower of Ayatollah Khomeini and has never been far form his main ideology that brings the idea of ‘The Great Satan’.
Right before the election, three beautiful debates were programmed by the state TV for the mentioned 8 candidates; the debates were inspiring as it was the first time to hold a serious but friendly dialogue for the rivals of the presidential election.
Monitoring a four hour debate in each session, never exhausted the audience and every corner of our beautiful Iran found the best chance to learn more about the candidates. People eagerly watched the events and became familiar with the candidates projects and perspectives. This was the first time to arrange such a great program for the Iranians.
All of the 8 candidates were from a very high potential and familiar with dialogue and debate. The Rhetoric was fascinating and the variety of titles were very appropriate. The 8 candidates were counting the weaknesses and errors of the former administrations and logically were focusing on different aspects. They all were talking from the heart of the Iranian nation who were under severe pressure especially during the presidency Of Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad from different aspects especially form the economic and cultural point of view, with no fear. During the long hours of debates Rouhani looked exceptional, he was trying to face and bring up the problems in a moderated manner. When needed he was harsh and serious but basically kind and smart. It was clear for him to know the need of Iranians perfectly well. He counted the strength and weaknesses of our country and seemed quite willing to take any beneficial decision for the Iranians in the realm of intellect and wisdom.
In 2008, with the Green Wave Movement, the wise people of Iran learnt to be patient to choose with open eyes. Of course out of 36 million voters casted more than 18 million votes for Rouhani, although now all come to a unity and agree that he has been chosen correctly and no opposition arose after the election. This time, the people are taking a leading position with the aid of reformists, especially the former president, Mohammad Khatami the settler of the Dialogue among Civilizations.
Rouhani, is an open minded intellectual and is quite positive in the sense of International affairs and that he is looking for the best solutions in International mismanagements. He has always been in crucial positions in different dominations of the governmental activities. One must never forget that he has always been on the stage since the victory of the Islamic Revolution and has been shoulder to shoulder with Ayatollah Khomeini and has never been far from his path, but when it comes to this moment he knows the need of time perfectly well.
I think that president Rouhani can correct, our relationship with the world, but he will only yield to those potentials that won’t be against our independence. This is what Americans must know, they must come to a higher understanding about the people of the world and Iran. The time of blind followers has come to an end. Now, with the aid of the international media and mass communication, all peoples have come to higher understanding and awareness.
Rouhani is a man of rhetoric and dialogue, he knows how to communicate and dialogue to establish a positive relationship with the world of the West and the East and different people and groups rationally. I am sure he will generously accept and focus on the ideas of different experts in all cases. This will bring him more success. I am sure that this presidential election will bring Iran and the world a better place to live.
Iranians have been in great harshness and disastrous moments during the past 8 years, although all were endured bitterly. Now the outcome is clear, after any harshness there comes tranquility, this is what the Holy book of Quran promises to the followers, ان مع العسر یسرا . The gates of brighter horizons are being opened before us. I personally think that Rouhani is an improved version of dear President Khatami. He is a follower of Khatami and a moderate -reformist which is the main reason for people to vote for him. The last 8 years has taught the people of Iran a lot.
I think that from now on, Cross Cultural activities won’t be considered as an anti government act in Iran. Now I am content with my pictures being included in Cross Cultural Common Ground – 2013 by Dignity Press, a co-edited book with professor Michael H. Prosser and Zhang Shegyong. I think that all formulas will change and no organization will condemn me and I am very happy with my right decision which I took vey bravely about 3 months ago after several months of struggling and thinking and weighing the cost of my action.
I hope My Beautiful Iran will become a better place to live with the presence of the most positive international intellectuals and researchers to know Hafiz, Sa’di, Babataher, Avicena, and some more sites as Yazd province, Kish Island and the height of Sabalan and Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf and some centers as Zoroastrians’, Persepolis and thousand and thousands of the Iranian secret sites and places will be known and visited by the world to remember us as a great nation that has sacrificed so much to survive with dignity and independence.
Salaam and blessings to all of the peacemakers who solve global issues through dialogue and mutual understanding to promote correlation among nations.
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Seyed Morteza Nazari Mansoureh

2 Responses to “Mansoureh Sharifzadeh, What the US should know about President-Elect Hassan Rouhani, June 17, 2013 [Post 1708]”

  1. Seyed Morteza Nazari says:

    Hi. Thank you for a well-thought and well-written essay about Iran and hopes of Iranians and friends of Iran. Let’s cross our fingers for a better cross-cultural world.

    • Mansoureh says:

      I thank you for your kind and inspiring feedback. A world without boundries and border is what can be seen form the Moon, I hope we all can see things from above to come to a deeper unity and correlation. Each one of us is responsible for what is going on around. Writing and reading about the world dignity brings us to a better place to live. Wars and conflicts must be replaced with rational dialogue and debates, which differentiates us from the animals. Let’s hold fst to the Rope of Allah and not be scattered, that’s what the Quran asks the followers to do. Now, the newly elected president of Iran, tries to bring the world and Iran into unity. What the While house did to congratulate Hassan Rouhani is the first step to create a better condition between our two nations after 34 years. Unity is what should be thought about more seriously than before.

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